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Name: Lili-Kayy Park

Vancouver Kids Entertainer

Spice up that Special Day with Special Dayz Entertainment!

Precocious Performers...

Does your child Love to Act? Are they a natural born Performer who thrives in the Lime Light? Instead of a Show would they prefer to 'Learn the Secrets of the Trade?!' ​A Magic Workshop is just what they need! At the end of the workshop every child gets to take home a keepsake from the party. Their own magic wand and a little trick to practice with at home. And a Star is Born.....

A Magic Show for everyone....

Family Magic Show a variety of Magic Tricks

This Magic show runs about 40 min. long and is performed in the character of "Mrs. Magnificent the Magician". It is the best set of magic tricks for a mixed age group. As a grand finale to this Show the Magic Rabbit makes her appearance and the kids get to have photo ops and an up close visit with her. 

*Poof the Magic Rabbit makes her appearance for FREE in this Magic Show.  


Comedy Magic Show Routine
This Show is done in the character of "Kayy the Clown". It includes a comedy water act where the victim er, I mean volunteer, gets a little wet. This show is a great family choice, and truthfully, it's very similar to the Family Magic Show as many of the same magic tricks and routines are utilized. 

*please note, Lili-Kayy does NOT wear full face clown make-up. Kayy the Clown has performed at Pre-schools all across greater Vancouver area as a 'Gentle Clown'.

Preschool Package Magic (Ages 2-5)   

This is a highly interactive show with easy to follow tricks and lots of music to move to. Lili has performed this show for preschools throughout Vancouver. Little kids this age need to be up and moving, so we sing, dance, and play together.... Games and songs are intermingled with the magic tricks to keep kids attention as we move from activity to activity in this show.

*Please note: adult interaction is needed unless additional helpers are requested

This Magic show can be done by either 'Kayy the Clown' or 'Mrs. Magnificent the Magician' at your request.

*Poof the Magic Rabbit makes her appearance for FREE as part of this package. 

 Magical Moments 

with Lili-Kayy